Corps of Drums Society

Newsletter May 2015

We have been invited to participate in the Lord Mayor’s Show on Saturday 14 November 2015.    Participants: please  be ready to provide the information we need in good time. 

Music Meeting  Saturday 20 June 2015

We look forward to seeing you at our next Music Meeting – to be held as usual at the Cadet Centre, Surbiton road, Kingston-upon-Thames KT1 2NB.  The meeting will begin at 1100 hrs.  Bring a packed lunch.  Tea and coffee will be available throughout the day.

If you are prepared to instruct at this meeting –  on an instrument or in music notation,  please contact Peter Nightingale :

Mob  07961 815710,     or

Lord Mayor’s Show 2015 : Participants

Active Corps: would the nominated representative of each Corps please provide the name of each Corps member who intends to parade with us on the day and the instrument they play.  Please provide this information by 31 July 2015.  If anyone requires a vegetarian lunch please indicate.

Individual members of the Society: please indicate to me by 31 July 2015 if you wish to parade with the Society on the day.

Lord Mayor’s Show 2015 : Vehicle Passes

Please vehicle-share as much as possible.  Please let me know the make and index number of the vehicles to be used – again, by 31 July 2015.

Lord Mayor’s Show 2015 : Assembly Point

As in previous years, the Assembly Point for civilian bands and corps of drums is The Rotunda, West Smithfield,  London EC1.  This is a large underground car park accessed by a spiral ramp from West Smithfield.  We  must be in the Assembly Area by 0900hrs.  Please allow enough time to park your vehicle in the area around Smithfield market – some of the nearby roads will be closed from early on.

Please go straight to the Society’s numbered assembly point so that the Drum Majors can organise the Corps.  There will be time after this to visit the tea bar and the toilets.

There must be no playing of instruments in the assembly area.

Lord Mayor’s Show 2015 : Music

The music to be played on the day will be selected from the following:

Flute marches: Galanthia, Killaloe (with bugle intro), Prussian Glory, The Londoner, Great Escape, Children’s Love, 1914-18 medley.

Bugle marches: Heraldry, Mechanised Infantry (with Bell Lyres), Bugle Bells, Killaloe (intro, continued by flutes)

Bell Lyres: Eye Level, Mechanised Infantry (with Bugles), The Longest Day, Minstrel Boy, Hearts of Oak.

Please ensure that you know and can play the respective music for your instrument.

Society Subscriptions

Thank you to those who have been prompt in renewing their subscription for 2015. If you haven’t yet done so, please remit to me as soon as possible. Thanks.