Corps of Drums Society

Newsletter May 2014

The Society has been invited to participate in the Lord Mayor’s Show in 2014. We have accepted the invitation, so please see the items below concerning music repertoire, and and the need for would-be participants to supply me with various pieces of information.Please note the change of date for the October meeting.

Lord Mayor’ Show 2014

Participating Corps: would the corps leader please supply the names of all the members in your Corps who intend to parade on the day, together with the instrument they play.

Participating individuals: let me know that you are intending to parade on the day.

Vehicle passes: if you cannot travel by public transport, you will need to order a Vehicle Pass for  each vehicle to be used.  Minibuses are preferable to a large number of cars.  Please carshare as much as practicable. Let me know the type of vehicle and its registration number.  Lunch  : all participants  – lunch is usually a sandwich and bottled water, and the vegetarian option is usually a cheese sandwich – the organisers cannot accommodate more complicated dietary requirements.  If you require a vegetarian lunch please let me know.

I need all this information by 31 July 2014 so that I can get it to the Pageantmaster in time.

Music for Lord Mayor’s Show 2014

Please ensure that you know and can play the pieces of music for your instrument:

Flutes: The Adjutant;  Prussian Glory;  Retreats (Flow Gently Sweet Afton, The Ash Grove, Mandora);  Great Escape; Welsh Medley; The Londoner; Euterpe; Killaloe; 1914-1918; Galanthia; San Lorenzo; Silver Trumpeter.When we pass the Mansion House we will be playing 1914-1918

Bugles : Bugle Bells; Bugles and Drums; Heraldry; Men of the Hills

Bell-lyres : The Rising of the Lark; Hearts of Oak; Minstrel Boy; Eye Level; Longest Day

Bugles and Bell-lyres : Mechanised Infantry

Music Meetings 2014

The remaining meetings for the year are as follows:

Saturday 19 July

Saturday 13 September

*Saturday 11 October*  Please note that this date has been changed

                                                     This meeting will include the AGM

Saturday 8 November : Lord Mayor’s Show

Subscription to the Society

Thank you to all who have paid their subscription for this year.  I have not sent out individual written acknowledgements owing to high cost of postage.


From John Townend: New Corps Being Formed

Dear Fellow Drummers

I have recently been appointed training Development Officer for a new Cadet Corps and adult volunteer corps based on Civil Defence and working with schools around the Milton Keynes area, and due to launch on 26 April this year.  We are hoping, as part of our development strategy, to form a Corps of Drums.To this end we would like to make the appointment of a Corps Drum Major to develop the corps, and some instructional staff to assist.

Please contact Colin Harmsworth the Officer Commanding at:  or myself on or  0121 360 0225

 Belfast to host Flute World Record Attempt

On September13th 2014 the World’s biggest ever event for flautists is being held in Northern Ireland.

It is hoped over 4000 participants will perform together in the Kings Hall Complex in an official attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the: Largest Flute Ensemble. The current world record is held in Japan and was achieved by 3,742 participants in 2011.

With support from the banding scene, schools, tutors, orchestras and individuals right across the British Isles, a new world record is possible.

A special piece of music is being composed allowingall types of flutes to become involved, participation in this event is open to everyone who reads music and plays flute at whatever level, the piece will soon be available to download from the official website

Incorporated within this record attempt is ‘Flutes up for Charity’, helping to raise money for three very worthwhile charities: Marie Curie Hospice Belfast, Northern Ireland’s Children’s Hospice & Radio Cracker.

Everyone who participates in this event will have the opportunity to receive their own Official Guinness World Record Certificate of Participation.

The event will obviously create a lot of media attention; if individuals or bands would like to take part simply visit the official website at for more details of how to become involved, registration is now open.