Corps of Drums Society

Newsletter June 2012

By now many of you will have heard that the AGM could not take place on Saturday 9 June owing to too few members having turned up.  This is a very worrying development.  We hope members will attend the rescheduled AGM (see below)where we will be discussing the best way forward.

Annual General Meeting 2012

This will now take place during the music meeting arranged for Sunday 28 October at Kneller Hall.  The agenda appears at the end of this Newsletter.

Lord Mayor’s Show 2012

We have been invited to participate in the Show this year.  We need to submit specified information to the Pageantmaster, so please let me have the following information by 31 August 2012 :  from member Corps who wish to participate, I need to know how many of their Corps will be attending; individual members must contact me by phone, post or email to let me know they wish to participate.  We will be applying for vehicle passes, so by 31 August I will need to know the registration number and vehicle type for each one being used to get people in to London on the day. The passes are intended for coaches and minibuses;  if the use of a private car is unavoidable, please car share as much as possible, so that private vehicles are full.  Please do not expect to obtain a vehicle pass if you have not requested it from me by 31 August.

For those participating in the Show, our Assembly Area is The Rotunda, West Smithfield, London EC1.  You should arrive no later than 0900hours.  Tea, buns and toilets are provided at the entrance to the Rotunda, but please go first to our forming up position – this corresponds to the number we will have been assigned for the parade – we will know this by the meeting on 28 October.  As soon as the Parade Drum Major has organised the Corps, members will be able to go for tea.  While we are in the Rotunda, we are not allowed to play instruments.  Lunch and toilets will be provided at the halfway point.  Please indicate on your return if you require vegetarian lunch (please note that this is usually a cheese sandwich – if you don’t eat cheese then you should bring something else).

Uniform for the Lord Mayor’s Show

It has been proposed that we need to present a more uniform appearance at the Lord Mayor’s Show, and we should consider adopting the following: black shoes, black trousers, navy sweatshirt/waterproof, black beret.  Please think about this and submit your comments, as it will be discussed at the AGM.

Society President

We also seek suggestions from the membership for the position of President of the Corps of Drums Society, to follow Prof Holmes.  Please submit your nomination to the Chairman or Secretary, again by 30 September.

The Richard Holmes Award

To mark Prof. Holmes’ years as our President, the Society has ready a shield to be presented for the first time at the rescheduled AGM in October.  The winner will hold the shield for one year.  Members are invited to submit their nominations for the award to reach the Chairman or Secretary by 30 September 2012.  Please include a citation to show how your nominee has met the following criteria:

Contribution to his/her Corps/Group

Personal improvement



Contribution to the Society

Contribution to the drums world

Postage costs

The recent increase in postal charges will have a serious impact on the Society.  If you are still receiving this Newsletter in paper form, but have email, please let me have your email address.  For those members who sent a cheque to cover their 2012 subs, thank you.  I have not sent acknowledgements by post but your bank statement will show that the cheque arrived safely.

Kneller Hall costs

Although we receive a very favourable rate for the use of Kneller Hall for our meetings, it is still a considerable drain on resources.  We need to find another location (or locations – we can move around) for our meetings from 2013 onwards.  We have some under consideration, but if you know of a possible suitable venue, please let us know.

AGM 28 October 2012 : agenda

Apologies for absence

Minutes of AGM 2011

Treasurer’s report

Chairman’s report

Election of officers

Richard Holmes Award

Society President

LMS uniform

Drummers Call


If you wish to discuss any other issues at the meeting, please submit them in writing to the Chairman or Secretary by 30 September 2012