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Newsletter January 2015

Happy New year to one and all. Now that the excesses of the season are behind us, it is time to look ahead to the Society’s plans for 2015. Please see below the Practice Dates for the coming year, and please concentrate on practising the music (list attached) for the Lord Mayor’s Show 2015.

Practice Dates 2015

Please note the following practices, which will all take place at Kingston Army Reserve Centre,

Surbiton Road, KT1 2NB as usual :

Saturday 14 March

Saturday 16 May

Saturday 11 July

Saturday 24 October (AGM and Lord Mayor’s Show Rehearsal)

Practices commence at 1030 hrs. Tea and coffee are available throughout the day (£1 per person for the day). Bring a packed lunch or use the local amenities.

Lord Mayor’s Show 2015

Assuming we are again invited to take part, the repertoire will be finalised from the following:

Flute marches – Galanthia, Killaloe (with Bugle intro), Prussian Glory, 1914-1918, The Londoner, Children’s Love, The Great Escape

Bugle marches – Heraldry, Mechanised Infantry (with Bell Lyres), Bugle Bells, Killaloe (intro followed by flutes)

Bell Lyres Eye Level, Mechanised Infantry (with Bugles), The Longest Day, Hearts of Oak, Minstrel Boy

Please ensure that you are familiar with your repertoire.

The society has received a letter of thanks and appreciation from the current Lord Mayor after our participation in his inaugural parade – LMS 2014.

Society Treasurer

You will have seen from the minutes of then AGM that James Goatcher has resigned as Treasurer after looking after the Society’s affairs since 2009. If you are interested in taking on this job, please contact Peter Nightingale.

Instructors for Music Meetings

During the coming year it is the Society’s intention to offer more tuition at music meetings. At the last AGM several members indicated that they would be willing to teach. Would you therefore please let Peter Nightingale know that you would like to be involved (soon, please, so that the March meeting can be planned) and what instrument you would be prepared to instruct on. Also, if you are willing and able to teach basic music notation, please let Peter know.

Visiting Corps

During August 2015, the William Diamond Fife and Drum Corps will be making a trip to the UK from the US. They will be spending time in the Cambridge area and in London. A programme of events is being worked out and will be notified through the Newsletter and the website.

Christine Fairfax, 103 Clare Lane, East Malling, West Malling, ME19 6JB

The Corps of Drums Society

For the preservation of Drum, Fife & Bugle music

(Registered Charity No. 1073106)



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Annual General Meeting 11 October 2014

Meeting commenced 1230 hrs

Members in attendance : 41. In the chair: P. Nightingale

1. Apologies for absence

Peter Hart, Nigel Lilleywhite,Steve Sellwood, Richard Powell,Roger Dunn,Ralph

Savage, Ian Forbes, Anneka Burgess, Andrew Clark,Margaret Dean, Brian Winchester

2. Minutes of AGM held 26 October 2013

There being no matters arising, adoption of minutes proposed by P. Foss, seconded by

T. Smith. Adopted nem con.

3. Treasurer’s report

The Chairman announced that the accounts are in good order. The Treasurer had

resigned, so the Society is looking for a new Treasurer and also an Auditor.

Adoption of the accounts was proposed by G Fairfax, seconded by Z Byrne. Adopted

nem con.

G Fairfax suggested a vote of thanks to James Goatcher for carrying out the role of

Treasurer since 2009: proposed R. Cole, seconded A Bransby. Carried nem con.

4. Chairman’s report

Lord Mayor’s Show 2013

The Chairman began by thanking all the members of the Society who had provided

support over the past year. He went on to congratulate those who had participated in

the LMS 2013.

Lord Mayor’s Show 2014

He was looking forward to seeing the Bell Lyres take part again this year. He hoped

that the weather would be better for the 2014 Show than it had been in 2013. The

Corps for 2014 would be around 85.

Cutlers Sword 2014

The Chairman congratulated the winner of the Cutler’s Sword: L/Cpl J Jones of the

Yorkshire Regiment, and explained that he had been part of the selection Panel. He

reminded the meeting that the applicants were judged on musical and military matters.

He further explained that the format would be changing for 2015.

Richard Holmes Award

The Chairman announced that the winner of the award this year was Geoff Fairfax, who

had contributed much to the Society, and to his own Corps, as well as the drumming

world in general. There would be a profile in the next Drummers Call.

Practice Venue

The chairman thanked Maj. Gary Jupp and the cadets of the 131 Army Cadet

Detachment (2RTR) for the use of the centre as a practice venue, and the Cadets would

be receiving a donation of £200 each year from the Society.


The Chairman expressed concern that attendance at Music Meetings had dropped off

over the past few years. He appealed to member Corps to notify their engagements so

that the liklihood of clashes could be minimised. Meeting dates for next year have

been provisionally booked.


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There was some discussion at this stage about the format of meetings: Jo Millward

(Chesham) said it was important to support youngsters, but support had been promised

in the past and then did not materialise (she mentioned in particular buglers who had

turned up hoping for some instruction). There were problems with drummers not all

playing the same thing – Jo offered to do some drumming tuition. Peter Foss said that

all the music had been sent out to members, but it was possible that the recipients could

not read music. The Chairman said that the meetings for next year would include

instruction and practice on separate instruments.

Drummers Call

The Chairman appealed once again to Groups and Corps of Drums for articles and

photographs: he knew there was much going on from reports on various websites. Tim

Smith mentioned the site “Marching band UK” and suggested the Society announced

itself there.

New members

Individuals: Mr Anthony Plews, Mr R F Crookshank, Ms Lorraine Flett

Web pages

The site is doing well; the chairman asked for advance notification of forthcoming events

so that those who might be interested were aware of what was happening in their area.

5 . Election of Officers

With the exception of the Treasurer, the existing Committee had all indicated their

willingness to stand again:

Chairman: Peter Nightingale


Secretary: Christine Fairfax

Training and development: Maj Mike Hall

Senior Parade Drum Major: Geoff Fairfax

Music and training : Peter Foss

Editor, Drummers Call: Peter Hart

There being no other nominees, election of the Committee for 2014/2015 was proposed

by Pat Barber and seconded by Tim Smith. Adopted nem con.

The Chairman conveyed his thanks to the Committee for all their help this year.

6 . Appointment of Auditors

The Committee will expedite this without delay.

7. Additional matters notified by members

The Chairman raised the possibility of a Corps to go to Ypres in 2018. Pat Barber

suggested contacting the Western Front Association.

Neil Byrne enquired whether there was a list of member Corps which could be used for


Side Drummers should “ghost” if unsure of the music

Richard Cole said he and his sister were prepared to replace the society music folders.

There being no further business, the meeting concluded at 1315 hrs.


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