Corps of Drums Society

Minutes of Meeting held Saturday 10 May Kingston

Minutes  of Meeting held Saturday 10 May



Present : P. Nightingale, P Hart, G Fairfax, C Fairfax

P.N informed group that Music Meeting scheduled for 25 October (LMS Rehearsal and AGM) would now be held on Saturday 11 October, as the Kingston premises was unavailable on 25 Oct.

Dmr Lee Rigby : there have been many donations. Things now need to move on – original thinking was for a placque – Committee to be contacted to ensure this is still the way to go.    

Action C.F

G F will check to see whether Dmr Rigby was in the Corps when Cinque Ports and 2RRF paraded together on the LMS in 2006

Action G F

Carmine Calabrese bringing the William diamond Corps over from the US in 2015. We should be prepared to host them and need to begin planning events for them: P N suggested notifying our contacts in the Tower of London, about the possibility of a personal tour for them, followed by their giving a display.

Does the US Embassy know they are coming over?  P N  suggested having a sticker designed and produced to present to them, as well as a pennant.

Action PN

We need to agree a response to the request from Northern Ireland on the formation of a N I  branch.

Action C F

We need to increase the attendance at Music Meetings – one thing would be to draft something for DC on the excellence of the venue: there are rooms available for small groups and personal tuition; it is convenient for the local services; easily reachable by train and road.

Action ?