Corps of Drums Society

Committee Mins 17th Oct 2010

17 October 2010

Present : P Nightingale (Chairman), G Fairfax, J Goatcher, C Fairfax, M Cheeseman(briefly).

Apologies: P Foss, P Hart, M Hall

Minutes of last meeting: These were read out by C Fairfax.

Matters arising:

Web Page : P Nightingale said there was a need to get information on to it and proposed to get J Emerson to look after it for a fee.  M Cheeseman suggested an alternative solution of having himself and C Fairfax trained on the system.

Venue : as we are losing the current location, members had been asked to come up with suggestions – several possibilities had been proposed and were being investigated.  P  Nightingale said that a Newsletter should go out reminding people of the need to come up with ideas.

Action : Secretary

Practices : P Nightingale proposed making the Lord Mayor’s Show the last meeting of the year, thus missing out the December meeting.  He undertook to look at dates and draft a programme for 2011.

Action : Chairman

Lord Mayor’s Show 2010 : Numbers were a concern as owing to administrative changes we would be losing some 18 of the Liverpool ATC contingent, although the Corps woould be reformed for next year.  Front rank to be sorted out at the rehearsal on 31 October.

Action: Chairman , G Fairfax, P Foss

Leaflet: This needs to be worked on

Action : all

Travel assistance : This likely to be necessary .

The Light Division : They have participated in this year’s Cutler’s Sword competition.  G Fairfax had been on the Selection Board and highlighted that there were anomalies in the type and amount of information on the candidates. Like was not being compared with like as there was no standard proforma – some candidates had lengthy and detailed cvs, while others had been given a few lines.  P Nightingale undertook to draft a  proforma and suggest it to Warminster.

Action : Chairman

Army membership of the Society : J Goatcher had produced a list of payers. P Nightingale will follow this up.

Action : Chairman

LMS 2010 : Drum Majors would be G Fairfax, C Fuller, 1 from P Foss, 1 from Syston Scouts.  G Fairfax felt that parading in sixes would be preferable to sevens. It was also suggested that P Nightingale invite Tony Taylor to parade with the Society (blazer order).  G Fairfax stressed that whatever the weather on 31 October, we must have a rehearsal in uniform.

Action : Chairman, G Fairfax

Overseas trip :  J Goatcher enquired about an overseas trip: P Nightingale explained that this might be achievable in 2011 or 2012.

Meeting concluded 1200 hrs.