Corps of Drums Society

Commitee Meeting 23 November 2013

Corps of Drums Society Meeting
Catterick, 23 November 2013

Present: P Nightingale, P Foss, C Fairfax, G Fairfax

Lord Mayors Show 2013
P. Nightingale : a lot of rubbish had been left by the Corps after their LMS lunch : he had had to clear it up

G Fairfax: the LMS Corps had contained too many drummers; he proposed the following as a solution to accommodate a Corps of such a size and to incorporate more DMs: the Corps should be split in two, with half the side drummers dedicated to flutes, and the other half to bugles and bell-lyres.

P Foss : The LMS had gone well, but there had been some unfortunate behaviour from the Farnborough contingent, who had interfered with what the Senior Drum Major was doing, and had saluted from within the Corps. Training in corps procedure was required.

G Fairfax : 2014 repertoire: Mechanised Infantry should be included if possible as a bugle/bell lyre piece. Children’s Love is playable and known by everyone. Light of Foot, and Old Chums to be included, but not necessarily played on the 2014 Show.
1914-18 MUST be played past the Mansion House.

P Foss: some members felt there had been too many pieces of music in 2013. The nominal roll must be finalised earlier next year, in order for the Corps to be properly planned. GF proposed that the next Newsletter make this clear.

P Nightingale : clear ponchos should be provided for next year
Action : PN to contact RBL re the ones that they supply
Action : GF to contact ABF similarly
Also proposed that Camp Followers should be given some sort of uniform, such as a Society fleece

Music meetings
Action : PN to sort out dates for 2014 Music Meetings

Bell Lyre music
Action : P Foss to work on more Bell Lyre music

Drummers Call
G Fairfax proposed that the write-up for the LMS should consist mainly of photographs, with a reference to the appropriate You-tube site.
It would be better to hold the end-of year DC until after the LMS
Action : Editor

We should make more of photo-opportunites, such as the Catterick gathering, when we could have all the DMs present
Action : all