Corps of Drums Society

Charity Governance

The Trustees and Committee are duty bound by law as follows:

  • To ensure our charity is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit.
  • To comply with our charity’s governing rules and the law.
  • To act in our charity’s best interests.
  • To manage our charity’s resources responsibly.
  • To act with reasonable care and skill.
  • To ensure our charity is accountable.


As such the Committee have produced and maintained the following documents and policies to demonstrate our commitment to our duties:


Registration as a Charitable Organisation.

The Society is a Charity as set out under the Charities Act, registration number 1073106.  Each year the Society Trustees submit a report to the Charities Commission.  We also claim Gift Aid on all our eligible donations and membership subscriptions via HMRC Online.

To go to the Charities Commission website go here:   Charities Commission Website

See our registration certificate here:  Reg Cert


Child Protection Policy.

The Society has many young faces who attend our events both as individuals and as part of our Member Organisations.  Many of us were ourselves involved with Society activities from a young age.  We believe that it is paramount that child protection is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our designated Child Protection Officer is Peter Foss.

See our Child Protection Policy here:   CPP Dec 2015


Data Protection.

Every year you trust us with your personal details as part of our membership records.  We use this information solely for the purpose of administering Society business.  Your details are available to Committee members only and will never be shared with anyone without your prior consent.

See our Data Protection Policy here:   DPP Dec 2015



The Society pays a premium each year for insurances to cover the activities we undertake.  The policy schedule is held by the Honorary Treasurer.

Our current insurance certificate can be seen here : Society Employer’s Liability 2016


Risk Assessment.

We are commencing a process of risk assessment to ensure that any risks relating to our events are minimised.  We also want to make sure that our members are made aware of any risks and the precautions they need to take to prevent them suffering any harm as a result of what we do.

We follow the HSE guidance on risk assessment which can be seen here:   HSE Risk assessment

Our template for assessing risk can be seen here:   Society Activity Safety Risk Assessment

Our designated representative for Health and Safety issues is David Lear MBE  CMIOSH  AMIFSM  OSHCR  who is professionally qualified in safety management as part of his full time employment as a Health, Safety and Environmental Consultant.


If you require any further information please contact