Corps of Drums Society

AGM Sunday 28 October 2012

Meeting commenced at 1215 hrs

Chairman Peter Nightingale;                                                Members in attendance : 66

 1.   Apologies for absence : Roy Barnes, Ken Burns, Neil and Zena Byrne , Chris Morgan, WO1 Snr DM Army Ben Roberts, Peter thomas, Simon thomas, Brian Winchester

2.  Minutes of AGM held 8 May 2011: Adoption of minutes proposed by Geoff Fairfax, seconded by Jimmy Ross.  Adopted nem con.

3.  Treasurer’s Report: James Goatcher explained that with 2 issues of Drummers Call a year, a small loss occurs, while with 1 issue in a year the Society makes a slight profit.  The use of Kneller Hall knocked a hole in the Society’s assets.  Adoption of the report proposed by Peter Foss, seconded by Angus Bransby.  Adopted nem con.

4.  Chairman’s Report: Peter Nightingale said that the Society had had a good year, and thanked Mr Tom Packer, Head of the west London Free School, for the use of the premises.  He also thanked the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall,  for solving our immediate problem of needing a location for meetings.

The Lord Mayor’s Show 2011 had been a great parade – the Chairman thanked all who attended, and hoped they had enjoyed it as much as he had done.  He reminded members that the 2012 LMS music had been available on the web page, and undertook to have the LMS 2013 music available much earlier – hopefully by the end of December 2012, so that members can begin practising earlier. For LMS 2012, members should arrive at the Rotunda promptly and well turned out.

Cutlers Sword: the aim of this competition is to identify those with the potential to become Senior Drum Major or Bugle Major in the future.  This has now come to fruition, with WO1 DM Army Ben Roberts, who was a Cutlers Sword winner in 2002/3, now in post as the Senior Drum Major Army.  The winner for 2011/12 is L/Sgt Paul Blakelock

Drummers Call: the Chairman appealed for articles.  He also asked that anyone prepared to receive an electronic copy should notify the Editor or the Secretary.

Web Page:  Jon Emmerson has agreed to continue as Webmaster.  The Chairman appealed for items to go there, particularly information from our member Corps.

Ideas: the Society should consider a trip abroad – the Chairman asked for suggestions and a plan of action.  Another possibility was a Muster in 2013.  The Chairman asked that those interested should let him know by post or email, so that he can see if it would be viable.

Richard Holmes Award :  this has been conceived to recognise the person who in their Corps has shown ability and application by bringing new members in, training new members, personal improvement, good attendance at practices, supporting engagements, turnout. The award for 2012 was presented to Jon Robertson of St Philips Corps of Drums, Liverpool.

New members: Mr J M Waddington, Mr Lee Budd, Mr A E Easdown, Mr Mark Goatcher, Mr simon goatcher, Mr Colin Carr, Ms Tracy Smith, Mr Simon Thomas (rejoin).  New Corporate members: C/Sgt G Billington-Bush (Winton Bournemouth Corps, Salvation Army),  Mr Mark Saunders (Sandhurst & District Corps of Drums), Maj Richard Davies (St Dunstans College CCF), Capt Clive Thomas (Whitgift CCF COD), Mr David Smith (Southern Bugles), Maj Gary Jupp (15 Coy SW London ACF)

The Chairmnan concluded by thanking the Committee for their support.

5.  Election of Officers The existing Committee had all indicated their willingness to stand again:

Chairman  Peter Nightingale

Treasurer  James Goatcher

Secretary  Christine Fairfax

Training and Development   Mike Hall

Senior Parade Drum Major  Geoff Fairfax

Music and Training Peter Foss

Editor, Drummers Call  Peter Hart

There being no other nominations received, the re-election of the entire Committee was proposed by  Jim Ross, seconded by Mike Cheeseman, adopted nem con.

6.  Appointment of Auditors  Clifford Chandler was proposed by Angus Bransby, seconded by Geoff Fairfax, adolted nem con.

There being no further business, the meeting concluded at 1255 hrs.