Corps of Drums Society

AGM Minutes October 2015

Annual General Meeting, Saturday 24 October 2015


Meeting Commenced: 12.30hrs

Members in attendance: 27

In the chair: Peter Nightingale

  1. Apologies for absence:

Roger Dunn, Nigel Lilleywhite, Pat Barber, Anneka Burgess, David Lear MBE, Stuart Little, Colin Fuller, Ian Forbes.

  1. Minutes of AGM held 14th October 2014

There being no matters arising, adoption of minutes proposed by Geoff Fairfax

Seconded by Peter Foss                 Adopted nem con.

  1. Treasurer’s report

The Chairman announced that the accounts are in good order to the sum of £6,049.99 as of the 7th September statement. The Treasurer had resigned. There is a member who is looking at taking the role.

Adoption of the accounts cannot be proposed until such times the accounts are published.

The appointment of an auditor is a pressing issue. Members are requested to advise if they can persuade a suitably qualified friend/colleague to undertake the auditing to avoid expenditure from Society funds.

  1.  Chairman’s report

The Lord Mayors Show 2014; The Chairman was very pleased with the turnout and thanked all the members of the society who took part. Thank you to the members who have given their support over the past year.

Attendance: The Chairman was disappointed with the attendance at practices. The committee have decided that next year, 2016 there will be one practice, one rehearsal / AGM and the Lord Mayors Show if we are asked to take part.  This should give all individual and corps members the chance to attend all practices. There for individual and corps practices have got to make sure the music is of a high standard when attending Society practices.

Lord Mayors Show 2015. We hope the weather will be good to us this year. This year’s corps will 90 strong.

Administration points arising for LMS:

Assembly will be at the Rotunda in Smithfield at 09.00hrs and members were reminded that no music is to be played downstairs.

Form up from front to rear will be as follows:

  • Side Drums
  • Percussion
  • Bell Lyres
  • Flutes
  • Supporters/water carriers in second to last rank
  • Flutes to form rear rank.

Actions on dropping out:

  1. If you drop out on the first part of the parade please make your way to the feeding station at the Law Courts.


  1. If you drop out on the return march please return to the Rotunda at Smithfield.


  1. Cutler’s Sword

The Chairman congratulated the winner of the Cutler’s Sword who was Cpl Lewis of 4 Rifles. The competition format was changed this year. The competitors were first inspected in their ceremonial orders of dress, by the Colonel Infantry and Command Regimental Sergeant Major.

The board then read and scored the reports and citations that were sent from the competitor’s regiments. Then the individuals were interviewed by the panel and then they each had to play their regimental quick and slow march. The Senior Drum Major Army and the Society Chairman scored this. A better format for those taking part.

  1. Richard Holmes Award

The Chairman announced that this year’s winners had been chosen by the Chairman and committee. The winners are Chesham All Girls Band. They had contributed much to the society and to their own Corps, as well as the drumming world in general. There will be a profile in the next Drummers Call.

  1. Practice Venue

The Chairman thanked the cadets for the use of the centre as a practice venue and they would be receiving a donation from the society.

  1. Drummers Call

The Chairman appealed once again for individual, groups and corps for articles and photo’s for Drummer’s Call.

  1. Web Page

We need notification of practices and gigs by member corps so as not to place practice when they cannot attend. Member organisations to provide their forecasts of events direct to the Chairman to allow co-ordination of dates.

The Chairman reminded Members that the Facebook page was also available for discussing relevant or interesting subjects.

Volunteers were sought to assist Jon Emerson in administrating the web page. Any volunteers should contact the Secretary.

  1. New Members

New members were Mr T and Mrs C Boniface who were welcomed to the AGM.

  1. Election of Officers

With the exception of the Secretary the existing committee had all indicated their willingness to stand again.

Chairman: Peter Nightingale

Treasurer: Post vacant (Discussions underway with potential volunteer)

Secretary: Warren Alexander-Pye

Training and Development: Maj Mike Hall

Senior Drum Major: Geoff Fairfax

Music and Training: Peter Foss

Editor “Drummers Call”: Peter Hart

The one nominee in the Election of Officers for 2015/16 was Warren Alexander-Pye to be elected to the post of Secretary.

Proposed by Tim Smith

Seconded by   Z Byrne                             Adopted nem con


The Chairman thanked Christine for her outstanding term as the Secretary.

Thank you to the committee for their work during the year.


  1. Appointment of Auditors The committee will expedite this without delay.


  1. Matters Arising:
    1. It was with great sadness that the Society was notified of the passing of Mrs Phyllis Collis of the City of London Drums. The family have invited members to attend her funeral – please contact Christine Fairfax for details. The Society will send a condolence card to the family and make a donation to Cancer Research.


  1. The new Secretary notified members of the intent to undertake a membership survey in the coming months to obtain valuable feedback from members on how they would like the Society to proceed in future, particularly with reference to our forthcoming 40th anniversary in 2017.


  1. The new Society Music Books are now in use. Electronic versions are available to members via the Secretary.


  1. It was proposed that a music meeting be held to coincide with the Major General’s Review of the Queen’s Birthday Parade on 28th May 2016. Expressions of interest to be sent to the Secretary.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 12.55 Hrs.