Corps of Drums Society

AGM Minutes 9th May 2009

9 May 2009

Meeting commenced 1200 hrs. Peter Nightingale in the chair.  32 members present.

1.  Apologies; Nigel Lilleywhite, Roy Cox, Jack Cox, John Leigh, Peter Foss, Neil Byrne, Zena Byrne, Angus Bransby, Pam Hales, Keith Hook

2.  Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held 17 May 2008; Question on publication date for Drummers Handbook, dealt with by Col. Walton

Acceptance of minutes proposed by Mike Cheeseman, seconded by Col. Walton.  Carried nem con.

3.  Treasurer’s Report; Robert Stone summarised the attached report. He pointed out that bank interest had fallen.  Mike Cheeseman asked whether the sum of £250 had been paid to the Museum.  Peter Nightingale to follow this up.

Acceptance of report proposed by Geoff Fairfax , seconded by Trevor Pearce. Carried nem con.

4.   Chairman’s report;

Peter Nightingale reported that the Liverpool Lord Mayor’s Show had gone well in June 2008.  The Cutlers’ Sword had been awarded to Lance Sergeant Damian Thomas (Grenadier Guards). The Chairman had been impressed by the breadth of ability required for this award.  Worthing Carnival had gone well.  Lord Mayor’s Show: we must ensure that participants attend rehearsals; Corps will be marked up with named places.  Some members of the Society had been invited to attend an event organised by the Army School of Ceremonial. New members: the names of those joining the society in the past year were read out: P Woods, I Sampson, P Taylor, HAC Corps of Drums, j ross, J Forward, SSI G Docherty (for Whitgift Corps of Drums), j Coward, D Lear MBE, P  Earley, S Warmington.  Drummers Call: every effort would be made to get out 2 issues per year; The Chairman appealed for articles.

5.   Election of officers; All existing officers had indicated that they were willing to stand, apart from the Treasurer, who had stated his intention to relinquish the role.  The Chairman introduced James Goatcher (who was willing to take on the role of Treasurer)  to the meeting. The following were elected, having been proposed by Mike Cheeseman and seconded by Pat Barber:

Chairman : Peter Nightingale

Treasurer: James Goatcher

Secretary: Christine Fairfax

Editor, Drummers Call: Peter Hart

Parade Drum Major: Geoff Fairfax

Music: Peter Foss

Training development: Mike Hall

6.  Appointment of auditor; Deferred because of change of Treasurer : to be decided by Committee.

7.   Amendment of rule 4d; It was proposed that the existing wording (“to give practical advice and assistance including education and training at the expense of The Society in the playing of the instruments of the corps of Drums , and in the formation management and administration of a Corps of Drums”) be amended to “to give practical advice and assistance, including education, in the playing of the instruments of the Corps of Drums, and in the formation, management amnd administration of a Corps of Drums

Proposed by Trevor Pearce, seconded by Roger Davenport.  Carried

8.  Honorary Life Members; The Committee had agreed to offer this to two members : Mike Hall and Phil Williams. The entire meeting was willing to propose this. Carried.

Col Walton suggested listing all honorary life members in Drummers Call.

9.   Lord Mayor’s Show;

We have received an invitation for one Corps to particiate in this year’s show. The Chairman reminded members of the need to attend the practices.  The Society will attempt to provide a rear rank of buglers.

10.  New Year’s Day Parade, London; This runs from Parliament to Berkeley Square and would probably entail travelling in by coach from Woolwich.  Phil Williams suggested a June parade when the weather was likely to be warmer.  Membership to be canvassed for their response.

11.   Drummers Call; Dealt with under Chairman’s report.

12  Other business; *Muster not happening as Americans have pulled out of the trip.  Meeting on 22 August proposed instead, including a concert and displays from any viable Corps.

*Banners in progress

*New lapel pin available

*PeterThomas offered the old Hastings display boards

*Web page – prospective new member working on this, should be ready August/Sept

*The Chairman thanked the Committee  and members for their support.

*Ian Robinson commented that the Society rarely sees military members at meetings: Peter Nightingale will ask them to attend.

Meeting concluded at 1245 hrs.