Corps of Drums Society

AGM Minutes 2017

Annual General Meeting
29 October 2017
Finsbury Barracks

Meeting commenced 1230 hrs. 23 members in attendance.
In the chair : Peter Nightingale.

Apologies for absence :Richard Powell, Barry Knight, George Donegan,

Minutes of the deferred AGM held 11 March 2017
There being no matters arising, adoption of the Minutes was proposed by G Thackery, seconded by Tim Smith and adopted nem con.

Treasurer’s Report The Treasurer explained that the balance was high because income had been steady, and there had been no need to pay for the nuse of premises. Although there was no statutory requirement for the accounts to be audited, the Society felt that this should be done. The Treasurer will be attending an appropriate course to enable him to best look after the Society’s finances. The Society had been fortunate in receiving a legacy of £10,000 from Mrs Wynn, in memory of her late husband, a Coldstream Guards Drum Major. Adoption of the report was proposed by Angus Bransby, seconded by Iian Pattinson and adopted nem con.

Chairman’s Report
The Chairman has been very pleased with the turnout for the Lord Mayor’s Show 2016, and thnked all members of the Society who had taken part.

The Chairman thanked everyone who had lent their support over the past year, and over his 9 years as Chairman. He was disappointed by attendance at meetings, and given that there are three Music Meetings and one Lord Mayor’s Show Rehearsal, he felt that more members should be able to attend something over the course of the year.

It was important that individuals and Corps should ensure that their music is of a high standard for practices : he had been very impressed by the playing today.

Cutlers’ Sword The Chairman explained that this year there had been only two candidates for the competition, so instead of it being held at Warminster, the winner was selected by scrutiny of reports and email conferring. He congratulated the winner – L/Sgt Potts, Welsh Guards. The Chairman said it was his intention to follow up the liklihood of extending the competition to the Reserves.

Richard Holmes Award
The Award this year goes to Zena and Neil Byrne, for there diligence and enthusiasm in supporting their own Corps (Cinque Ports) and the Society.

Practice venue
The Chairman thanked the members who had helped with finding venues this year, and the venue administrative staff for making our Music Meetings possible.

New members
5th Leek Scout and Guide Band, and their Drum Major Paul Bullock
Gary Gibbs of the Guards Museum

Drummers Call
Peter Hart (Editor, Drummers Call), had announced that he would be standing down after the current issue. He explained that we use a Desktop package, which our printers can work from. The Chairman suggested having a dedicated laptop for Drummers Call, and said that whoever took over could be sent on an appropriate software course.

Web Page
We are looking at updating this – Iian Pattinson has been looking at it and at ways to make it more likely to attract people and draw them in.

The Chairman said he was willing to take charge of this and deal with the need to control access, so that it is a forum for discussion and sharing interesting items, rather than a means for individuals and organisations to self-publicise and gain free advertising.

Election of Officers
The Chairman is standing down this year, and Roger Davenport had offered to stand. There being no other contendors for this role or the other Committee positions, and given that all existing officers were willing to stand again, the Committee was elected on bloc, proposed by Angus Bransby, seconded by Tim Smith, and adopted nem con.

The Committee therefore comprises

Chairman – Roger Davenport, Senior Drum Major – Geoff Fairfax, Music and Training DM – Peter Foss, Editor Drummers Call – Peter Hart, Treasurer – Graham Thackery,
Training and Development – Iian Pattinson
Hon secretary – Christine Fairfax

At this point in the meeting, Peter Nightingale stepped down from the Chair, and Roger Davenport assumed the Chairmanship. His first task was to present Peter Nightingale with an engraved decanter in recognition of his 9 years as Chairman of the Society. He then addressed the meeting explaining that he is Society member No.2., and when it was formed in 1977 things were not good for Corps of Drums, hence the need for the Society to preserve this music tradition. He went on to deswcribe the Drummers Handbook – a towering achievement, and he mentioned Major Mike Hall in particular, and announced that the Army School of Ceremonial is intending to establish an award in his name.

Additional business
Steve Sellwood had had problems finding recent pictures for inclusion in Drummers Call: there was plenty of good historical material available, but more recent material eas necessary to maintain a balance. The Chairman said that now only a handful of btns were entitled to Corps of Drums. Mark Goacher said that a lot of material was being circulated, but it needed to be passed on to the Society. Pat Barber mentioned someone she knew with a photo collection : the Chairman urged her to make contact, with a view to benefitting the Society.

The Chairman said he had visited the ACF gathering at Crowborough and found there to be much going on in that sphere.

Tim Smith asked about liaison with the Northern Ireland branch of the Society.
The Chairman explained that there was a different set-up there.

There being no other business, meeting concluded at 1305 hrs.