Corps of Drums Society

AGM Minutes 17th May 2008

17 May 2008

Meeting commenced 1205 hrs. Col. Walton in the chair; 40 members present.

1. Apologies for Absence; R Dunn, M Hall, R Gifford, A Bransby, D Linaker, N Lilleywhite, J Howells, P Hart, P Foss, J Smithers, R Bateman

2.Minutes of the AGM of the Society held 12 May 2007; Approval proposed: R Davies; seconded: P Nightingale. Approved

3.Treasurer’s Report; Report attached.  R Stone explained that expenses had been similar to those of the previous year, with a saving on Drummers Call.  Ticket refunds for the Dinner had been accounted for. R.Cole queried Parade Fees: R Stone explained this was for Worthing.

Acceptance of Accounts proposed :G Fairfax; seconded: M Cheeseman.           Approved.

4.Chairman’s Report; Col. P Walton began by providing a job description for the business of putting a corps of drums down the street, and acknowledged the people who had done it such as the Harrod family and Paul Casson in Hastings; he listed those who were doing it now, but alerted the meeting to the fact that he did not see their successors coming along.  He then turned to the Society and mentioned in detail the contribution of individuals, beginning with the Founder Members: Phil Williams,Roger Davenport, David Golder, Greg Tunesi, the Wallis brothers and others. He mentioned the concept of the Central School, with Mike Hall as its first OC and his successors Steve Boyd and Geoff Johnson along with DM Shaun Huggins.

Col. Walton then discussed secretaries, pointing out that the Society had not   had many: Roger Davenport, Ian Hook, Malcolm Hooson, Roger Davenport again, Reg Davis for 10 years, then the current postholder, Christine Fairfax

Similarly there have been few editors of Drummers Call: earlier difficulties with getting it issued on time necessitated a sound financial basis. This was achieved by a succession of postholders: David Golder, Pierre Fontenoy, Ian Robinson, and for the last 6 years – Robert Stone. Col. Walton then summarised some of the achievements of the Society: the Royal Tournament, The Lord Mayor’s Show, American trips. In connexion with all of these Col Walton listed the people responsible for enabling the Society to give a good account of itself: Mike Hall, Peter Foss, Peter Nightingale, Geoff Fairfax.  Richard Powell and Steve Sellwood had provided much support and expertise.

Col. Walton then turned to editorship of Drummers Call:  Ray Williamson, Bill Boag, Megan Robertson, Peter Hart from 2000, who was for a while assisted by Tony Dean.  In the context of publication, Col. Walton also reminded the meeting that Reg Davis had been responsible for getting the website up and running.

Finally, Col. Walton thanked Mike Cheeseman, organiser of the Society’s presence at Firepower as well as of numerous events.

Col. Walton thanked Richard Holmes for taking on the role of President, and before handing over to him as Chairman of the rest of the meeting, he thanked his wife Gilly for her forbearance, also the members of the Committee for their support and the Society membership who had made the job so worthwhile.

At this point Richard Holmes took the Chair.

5.Election of Officers and Members of the Committee; The Chairman explained that a committee of seven was required, although this could be expanded if appropriate. The following had been proposed:

Chairman: Peter Nightingale

Secretary: Christine Fairfax

Treasurer: Robert Stone

Others: Peter Foss, Peter Hart, Geoff Fairfax, Mike Hall

These seven were elected by a show of hands

6.Election of an Auditor; Robin Bagley was proposed by Geoff Fairfax and seconded by Mike Cheeseman.                           Carried.

7.Any other Business; Reg Davies proposed that Col P Walton should remain Vice President. Carried

Phil Williams mentioned a CD of cadet music – he will make this available: R Holmes and R Powell both advised caution in the light of prevailing legislation

Neil Byrne enquired about the Drummers Handbook: Col  Peter Walton explained that this was presently being revised by himself and Mike Hall and would probably appear in early 2009

Pat Barber asked about drums workshops: Mike Cheeseman said he intended to organise something. Peter Walton explained that the Army trains to basic level. Mike Hall had tried to set something up in the past, but he (Peter) envisaged a much wider application – a school capable of delivering a high grade service. The Grenadiers had held a drums reunion some years ago and this had now given rise to the Guards Division Corps of Drums. With the Army losing its expertise through the dispersal of troops on their return from Iraq and Afghanistan, the Guards Division Corps of Drums had already helped with training Army drummers: if the Army had such a School, it should do the job.

8.Vote of thanks; Col. Walton proposed a financial donation to the Museum (he suggested £250) for the use of its services.  He then proposed a vote of thanks to Richard Holmes for being our President and for being here today

The President then replied, explaining that he was keen to support the Society, as without it Drumming might disappear.  He promoted the Society on every possible occasion.  He paid tribute to Col Walton  for his 21 years of Chairmanship and on behalf of the Society presented him with a framed Sean Bolan print .On his own behalf he presented Col Walton with a copy of his latest book.

Meeting concluded 1315 hrs.