Corps of Drums Society

AGM 8th May 2010

31 members in attendance

1. Apologies for Absence; P Hart

2.Minutes of AGM held 8 May 2009; Adoption proposed by T Dacombe, seconded G Fairfax. Passed nem con.

3. Treasurer’s Report; (in separate document) Adoption proposed P Foss, seconded A Bransby. Passed nem con.

4. Chairman’s Report;

P Nightingale reviewed the Society’s year; Another good one.

• LMS 2009; Sorry about the RAIN. Cutler’s Sword had been presented to Cpl A Oxley 3rd Bttn the Yorkshire Regiment.

• LMS Liverpool; 20 Members of the Society attended.

• New members; Felstead School, J Emerson, B Mullan, D Oliver, G green, A McDonald, F Dean, Royal British Legion  North Wiltshire Corps of drums. Some members had rejoined – M Davis, M Lidinson, I Smart.

• Drummers Call; Appeal for articles.

• Updated Web Page; Designers of the new website would be available later in the day to demonstrate the system. Thanks to Reg Davis, Mike Boxall, Paul Vickers. Appeal for Webmaster. Need to establish links to member Corps of Drums

• LMS 2010 Rehearsals; Emphasis on the need to attend the designated rehearsals.

• International Military Music Society Membership; This was a good link for both the Society and IMMS. Proposed that the Society becomes a member. Proposer B Knight, seconder P Williams. Passed nem con.

• Next year and further into the future; We should be looking at a foreign event in Europe or even America.

• Thanks to the Committee for all their help and to the members for their support.

5. Election of officers; During the Chairman’s report the membership voted in the existing Committee, who had all indicated their willingness to stand again:

Chairman : Peter Nightingale

Treasurer : James Goatcher

Secretary : Christine Fairfax

Training and Development : Mike Hall

Editor, Drummers Call : Peter Hart

Senior Parade Drum Major : Geoff Fairfax

Music and training : Peter Foss

The re-election of the Committee was proposed by R davenport, seconded by J Leigh and adopted nem con.

6. Appointment of auditors; This was done during the Chairman’s report. J Goatcher suggested Clifford Chandler. Mr Chandler ‘s appointment was proposed by G Fairfax and seconded by A Bransby and adopted nem con.

7. Other Business;

R Davenport enquired about the Society’s relationship with Corps in the locality of Woolwich. Col. Neville and the ACF were mentioned, but the point was made that there was little liaison between the ACF and the Society. G Fairfax mentioned that A. Casey was likely to be interested in joining the Society.

Meeting Concluded