Corps of Drums Society

AGM 21st May 2011

Chairman : Peter Nightingale; Members in attendance: 27

The Chairman opened the meeting with the announcement of the death of the President of the Society, Brig (retd) Prof Richard Holmes. As a mark of respect the meeting stood for a minute’s silent reflection.

1. Apologies for absence

A Burgess, M Lidinson, R Worledge, M Boxall, J Waddington, B Knight, P Williams, J Ptitchard, I Smart, P Foss, J Goatcher, M Hall, J Ireland, S Sutton, I Robinson, Col P Walton

2.  Minutes of AGM held 8 May 2010

Adoption of minutes proposed by M Cheeseman, seconded by G Thackery.  Adopted nem con.

3. Treasurer’s report

Treasurer was unable to be present, but had provided copies of his report for all at the meeting.    Adoption of the report was proposed by Maj R Powell and seconded by R Stone.  Passed nem con.

4. Chairman’s report

The chairman began his report by thanking the Chesham All Girls Band for letting the Society know about the venue we were using, and to Mr and Mrs Tim Smith for the wonderful spread they provided for lunch.

The Society has had another good year, what a shame it has become a Bedouin tribe – we must find a suitable permanent place for our gatherings.  The Chairman explained that he has been in touch with Kneller Hall, through a contact of Neil Byrne. They are presently finding out from the MOD whether we can meet there. There are matters of insurance and Health and Safety which need to be covered.  The Chairman has tried other establishments, including TA and the Cadets.  Unfortunately they all want lots of money from us if we practise there.

We began the meeting with a mark of respect for Brig Prof Richard Holmes.  At this time it is not appropriate to be thinking about a new President.

Lord Mayor’s Show 2010 : what a great parade – it did not rain (possibly because the Chairman was on parade????).  thank you to all who attended – there was a good turnout and the Chairman hoped all who did so enjoyed it as much as he did.

The Cutler’s Sword was presented to L Sgt Delaney of 1st Bn Coldstream Guards.  The ceremony was attended by the Editor of Drummers Call Peter Hart, who gave a blow by blow account in an article in the latest issue.

Liverpool Lord Mayor’s Show 2010 : 17 members of the Society went to Liverpool to support this event.  There is no show for 2011, because of cuts in local authority expenditure.

New members : Mr Peter Jackson, Mr Kenneth Misch (USA), Mr Dennis Smith, Mr Tim Clarke, Mr Andy Smith, Mr Steve Broomfield, Mr Gordon Hine, Maj Neil Mackintosh

Drummers Call: the Chairman made an appeal for articles : the Senior Drum Major of the Household Division, Drum Major Ben Roberts, Coldstream Guards, has agreed to put together an article on his role and duties as Senior Drum Major.  M Cheeseman proposed a vote of thanks to Peter Hart for his achievements in editing Drummers Call.

Web page: much work had been done on the website during the Christmas period.  Jon Emerson has agreed to continue as Webmaster.  The Chairman appealed for items to go on there, such as information from our member corps.

LMS 2011 rehearsals: participants need to attend the designated rehearsals.  The music list is on the web page. We should aim to have even more people involved for 2011.

IMMS membership – in progress. We receive their Newsletter

Ideas were being floated for a trip abroad. In answer to a question about possible involvement in the Olympics, the Chairman explained that these events preferred to be non-military. Maj Powell sais that cadets would be involved, but emphasised that it was a heavy commitment.

Thanks to the Committee for their help and support.

5.  Election of Officers

The Committee have all indicated their willingness to stand again:

Chairman : Peter Nightingale

Treasurer : James Goatcher

Secretary : Christine Fairfax

Training and Development : Mike Hall

Senior Parade Drum Major : Geoff Fairfax

Music and training : Peter Foss

There having been no other nominations received, the re-election of the entire committee was proposed by Maj Powell, seconded by P Barber and passed nem con.

6. Appointment of Auditors

Clifford Chandler was proposed as Auditor by S Sellwood , seconded by R Cole and passed nem con.

Any other business

–S Sellwood enquired whether existing Corps of Drums could be featured in Drummers Call – we need to aquire information on these Corps.

–N Byrne asked whether Drummers Call could be sent electronically. The Chairman agreed to look into this. Maj Powell explained that many users needed a hard copy. R Bannister wondered whether DC could be distributed by hand where possible. The Chairman said that we would endeavour to get DC out at regular times in the year

–Maj Powell explained that he regularly hears about new Corps of Drums being established, and wondered about the possibility  of a gathering for new Corps.  Much had gone into the Society, but it would continue only if youth was committed to it – there was a need to set challenges for them and achievements for them to work towards.  P Nightingale said something could be awarded to young people at the end of a year to recognise achievement.  He suggested beginning meetings earlier and use this time to carry out tuition with youngsters. J Forward pledged £50 to start off the initiative.  He has also acquired a CD of the Cambs Air Cadets and offered to lend it to anyone who was interested.

— N. Byrne suggested a muster: P Nightingale said that this was something which could be tied in with Liverpool next year.  S Sellwoood described how one venture developed – HAC and 5 Royal Anglian went to Bassingbourne for a weekend.  Next time they went, a third Corps joined them, then a fourth.  He stressed that  it was important not to aim too high at the outset.  He also said that much went on that the Society did not know about – we should be on the lookout for existing Corps and try and draw them in to the Society.

— R Davenport urged people to attend Lewes Bonfire Night.  He also said that St Dunstans School have revived their Corps of Drums; they are trained by the same person who runs Mill Hill. A getogether is being planned – look at the Old Millhillians website.

–P Barber mentioned the Society School of Music which had been planned some years ago. G Fairfax said that finance had been the principal reason for its not going ahead.  Maj Powell suggested that something might be revived.

There being no further items from the floor, the meeting concluded