Corps of Drums Society


 Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Drum, Flute/Fife and Bugle Music, our current membership ranges from young Cadets to those of “advanced years”.

Our members are also diverse in their background, some are serving or retired military personnel, whilst others are or were members of the reserve forces or from a music background looking for an enjoyable way to express their talents.

Subscription to the Society is on an Annual basis an falls due at the beginning of April. All members are encouraged to pay their subscription by Bankers Order as this cuts down the amount of administration required.

If you are a UK Standard rate Tax Payer we also ask you to complete a Gift Aid form which allows us, as a Charity, to reclaim Tax on Subscriptions. Further information on Gift Aid is available on request.

Current Subscription Rates are as follows:

  • Individual Membership within the UK and BFPO £10.00 per annum.
  • Junior Members £10 (No more for a further 3 years. Then the current Fee)
  • Group Membership within the UK £25.00 per annum.
  • Overseas (including Air Mail ) £15.00 for Group Membership please inquire.

Application forms can be obtained by sending postal address by email to The Hon. Secretary or downloading here:

Please also click Login to Register on the website. Your registration will be confirmed when payment is received.