Corps of Drums Society

A G M Saturday 26 October 2013

Meeting commenced 1230 hrs

In the Chair: Peter Nightingale

Members in attendance : 33

1.Apologies for absence : Roy Barnes, Barry Knight, Simon Thomas

2. Minutes of AGM held 28 October 2012 : there being no matters arising, adoption of minutes proposed by Richard Cole, seconded Margaret  Dean. Adopted nem con

3. Treasurer’s Report : James Goatcher explained that there was a healthy surplus in the Society’s funds, due largely to the savings made in the distribution costs for Drummers Call.  The Society had received a donation of £53 from Richard Cole following a boot fair.  Adoption of the Treasurer’s Report was proposed by Geoff Fairfax, seconded by Angus Bransby.  The report was adopted nem con.

4.  Chairman’s Report :

i) Peter Nightingale announced that the new President of the Society was Dan Snow, military historian and television presenter.  He had accepted the role on much the same terms as his predecessor Prof. Richard Holmes, ie that he would be unlikely to be able to attend events owing to an already busy schedule, but would serve as a figurehead for the Society and provide support where possible.

ii) Practice venue : the Chairman thanked Major Garry Jupp and the cadets of 131 Army Cadet Detachment (2RTR) for the use of the Centre as a

practice venue.  The Society would be making a £200 donation to the cadets each year .

iii) Attendance : the Chairman expressed concern that attendance at meetings had dropped off over the last year : this was in part due to the dates selrected for the practices.  He appealed to member Corps to let him know of events in their timetable so that clashes would be avoided as far as possible.  He was hoping to have as many practices as possible during the period Spring to LMS.

iv) Lord Mayors Show : the Chairman congratulated those who had participated in the 2012 LMS.  He was looking forward to seeing the Bell Lyres taking part for the first time this year.  He reminded the meeting that the Drummers Handbook now included Bell Lyres.  He would be putting the playlist on the website immediately.

v)The Cutlers Sword: congratulations to the winner  L/Sgt Carson of the 1st Bn Irish Guards.  The Chairman had been part of the Selection Panel.

vi)Drummers Call: the Chairman appealed to groupd and Corps of Drums for articles and photographs – he knew there was a lot going on as he had seen event reports on the various websites

vii)Web pages: this was doing very well, but the Chairman would like to have advance details of forthcoming events to inform those who might be interested in attending.

viii)The Richard Holmes Award: this year the reipient of the award is Alexander (Sandy) Williamson, of the 10th Leicester (1st Syston) Scout and Guide Band.  There will be an article on Sandy in the next Drummers Call.

ix))New members: several corporate members had joined the Society since the last AGM : RBL Farnborough Corps of Drums, Clywd and Gwynedd ACF, 948 Sqn (Haverfordwest and City of St Davids) ATC.  Individual members were Tim Seppings and Iian Pattinson.

5. Election of Officers : the existing Committeehad all indicated their willingness to stand again.

Chairman: Peter Nightingale

Treasurer: James Goatcher

Secretary : Christine Fairfax

Training and Development : Mike Hall

Senior Parade Drum Major : Geoff Fairfax

Music and Training: Peter Foss

Editor, Drummers Call: Peter Hart

There being no other nominees, the re-election of the entire Committee  for the 2013/2014 year was proposed by John Smithers, seconded by Robert Bannister and adopted nem con.

6. Appointment  of Auditors :Clifford Chandler was proposed by Angus Bransby and seconded by Geoff Fairfax.  Adopted nem con.

7. Additional matters submitted by members:

Society Muster – The Chairman undertook to put an article on the webpage.  He emphasized that willing volunteers would be required.  Garry Jupp said it would be possible to book a venue through the Training Estate.

Oversdeas tour – The Chairman reminded the meeting that a return to Boston would be extremely expensive now. He suggested the Menin Gate as a more manageable alternative. Again, he stressed that a volunteers would need to come forward to put such a trip together.  Peter Thomas mentioned the forthcoming Hastings anniversary.

There being no further business, the meeting concluded at 1255 hrs.