LMS Music 2016

Lord Mayors Show 2016 - Music List (Provisional).

Click on the title link to download the parts.  These parts have been taken from the Society music books and are co-ordinated to ensure that they are correctly arranged and contain all the musical notation to be played effectively.  The days of playing from scruffy old photocopies are well and truly over!
The music is still under consideration but will be selected from the following:

  1. The Longest Day(Bell Lyres)
  2. Prussias Glory (Flutes)
  3. Heraldry (Bugles)
  4. Children's Love (Flutes)
  5. Mechanised Infantry  (Bugles & Bell Lyres)
  6. The Londoner (Flutes)
  7. Eye Level (Bell Lyres)
  8. 1914-18 Medley (No intro) (Flutes)
  9. Bugle Bells (Bugles)
  10. Galanthia (Flutes)
  11. Hearts Of Oak (Bell Lyres)
  12. Killaloe (Bugles & Flutes)
  13. Great Escape (Flutes in ACF Key – one#)
  14. Welsh Medley (Flutes)
  15. Little Bugler (Bugles)
  16. The Minstrel Boy (Bell Lyres)
  17. The Adjutant(Flutes)
  18. Blaydon Races  (Bugle & Bell Lyre)


If anyone has any comments or requests please get in touch with the Committee on info@corpsofdrums.com or Peter Foss our Music & Training Officer on peter.foss@blueyonder.co.uk.