Corps of Drums Society

Up Date 12 February 2011


At the present time we are having problems finding a venue for our first meeting we have tried a number of places but they were either unsuitable or not open at the weekends. If there is anywhere that you may know about please let us know. Lets try and keep it within the M25.

We will keep on trying.

Peter Nightingale

The Chairman

AGM 8th May 2010

31 members in attendance

1. Apologies for Absence; P Hart

2.Minutes of AGM held 8 May 2009; Adoption proposed by T Dacombe, seconded G Fairfax. Passed nem con.

3. Treasurer’s Report; (in separate document) Adoption proposed P Foss, seconded A Bransby. Passed nem con.

4. Chairman’s Report;

P Nightingale reviewed the Society’s year; Another good one. …