Corps of Drums Society

Cutlers Sword Winners

1997/98L/Cpl FullerPrincess of Wales’s Royal Regiment
1998/99Cpl FoyPrincess of Wales’s Royal Regiment
1999/00A/Sgt SelfRoyal Anglian Regiment
2000/01L/Sgt Taylor1st Bn. Coldstream Guards
2001/02Cpl Wesson1st Bn. Queens Lancashire Regiment
2002/03L/Sgt Roberts1st Bn. Coldstream Guards
2003/04A/Sgt Farrow1st Bn. Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire, Wiltshire Regiment
2004/05L/Sgt O’Brien1st Bn. Welsh Guards
2005/06A/Sgt Towe2nd Bn. Royal Anglian Regiment
2006/07L/Cpl Proseperini2nd Bn. Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
2007/08L/Sgt Thomas1st Bn. Grenadier Guards
2008/09Cpl Oxley3rd Bn. The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellington’s)
2009/10L/Sgt Delaney1st Bn. Coldstream Guards
2010/11Cpl Martin3rd Bn. The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellington’s)
2011/12L/Sgt  Blakelock1st Bn. Coldstream Guards
2012/13L/Sgt Carson1st Bn. Irish Guards
2013/14L/Cpl Jones1st Bn. The Yorkshire Regiment (Duke of Wellington’s)
2014/15Cpl Lewis4th Bn. The Rifles
2015/16To be announced shortly.