September music meeting


The next CODS music meeting will be in September, date and location will be confirm within the next month

Lord Mayors Show Music 2018



Killaloe Flutes with Bugle intro
Heraldry Bugles
Hazlemere Flutes with Bell Lyre intro
Eye Level Bell Lyres
Galanthia Flutes
Mechanised Infantry Bugles and Bell Lyres
Welsh Medley Flutes
The Longest Day Bell Lyres
Children’s Love Flutes
Bugle Bells Bugles
The Great Escape Flutes
Heart of Oak Bell Lyres
Mud Cabin Flutes
Little Bugler Bugles and Bell Lyres
1914-18  Medley Flutes
Swing March Bugles and Bell Lyres
Adjutant Flutes
Minstrel Boy Bell Lyres


Designated March 1914-18 Medley

Society Music Practice Dates 2018


Once again we are grateful to the HAC for allowing us to meet at Finsbury Barracks for the music meetings this year. 

Please note, the meetings will start at 10am prompt.

The dates are as follows

Saturday 10 March

Saturday 26 May

Saturday 1 September

The Lord Mayors Show rehearsal will this year be held, by kind invitation of the Syston Scouts, in Leicester.  This will be on Saturday 27 October.  Full details to follow.

Please see the link below to for a map showing Finsbury Barracks

Map showing Finsbury Barracks