Committee Minutes

Commitee Meeting 23 November 2013

Corps of Drums Society Meeting Catterick, 23 November 2013 Present: P Nightingale, P Foss, C Fairfax, G Fairfax Lord Mayors Show 2013 P. Nightingale : a lot of rubbish had been left by the Corps after their LMS lunch : he had had to clear it up

Committee Meeting 23 November, 2012

Meeting commenced 1830 hrs In Attendance:  P Nightingale (chairman),  P Hart,  P Foss,           G Fairfax,  C Fairfax P Nightingale commenced by reading out his submission (attachment 1) regarding : Lewes and the ensuing correspondence, Cadet liaison, and the evolution of the Society.  Geoff Fairfax’s reply (attachment 2)was considered, and discussion followed.  P Nightingale was concerned […]

Committee Meeting SUNDAY 4 DECEMBER, 2011

Present :  P.Nightingale, P. Hart, G. Fairfax,  C. Fairfax, J.Goatcher Apologies: P.Foss, M.Hall Minutes of Previous Committee Meeting held 17 Oct 2010, and short meeting of 16 Oct 2011 : accepted Music for LMS 2012:PN confirmed that these would be Punjab, MacGregor fraeGreenock, and The Londoner.  PF to liaise with Syston and Chesham concerning the […]