Committee Minutes

Commitee Meeting 23 November 2013


Corps of Drums Society Meeting
Catterick, 23 November 2013

Present: P Nightingale, P Foss, C Fairfax, G Fairfax

Lord Mayors Show 2013
P. Nightingale : a lot of rubbish had been left by the Corps after their LMS lunch : he had had to clear it up
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Committee Meeting 23 November, 2012


Meeting commenced 1830 hrs

In Attendance:  P Nightingale (chairman),  P Hart,  P Foss,           G Fairfax,  C Fairfax

P Nightingale commenced by reading out his submission (attachment 1) regarding : Lewes and the ensuing correspondence, Cadet liaison, and the evolution of the Society.  Geoff Fairfax’s reply (attachment 2)was considered, and discussion followed.  P Nightingale was concerned about the ongoing verbal attacks from individuals on the above matters.  P Foss pointed out that they were individuals and not relevant from the perspective of the Society.  G Fairfax stated that the remarks made in correspondence targeted at the Chairman had been dogmatic and incorrect (eg “no bell lyres in Corps of Drums”). … Continue reading

Committee Meeting SUNDAY 4 DECEMBER, 2011


Present :  P.Nightingale, P. Hart, G. Fairfax,  C. Fairfax, J.Goatcher

Apologies: P.Foss, M.Hall

Minutes of Previous Committee Meeting held 17 Oct 2010, and short meeting of 16 Oct 2011 : accepted

Music for LMS 2012:PN confirmed that these would be Punjab, MacGregor fraeGreenock, and The Londoner.  PF to liaise with Syston and Chesham concerning the new bugle march.  Bass Drummers:Cinque Ports will provide one for 2012; at least one more needs to be identified, as at least 2 are required for such a parade.

GF pointed out that Chesham provide buglers and drummers, but we should get them to send flute players as well – members would be able to lend them flutes for the day.  JG had seen the military tattoo at Earlscourt which had featured youth corps and felt that a simpler repertoire might  help attract more youth participation.  This needs to be followed up.

Action: P Nightingale, P Foss, G Fairfax 

Muster:  PN proposed that the format should be a lesson followed by one corps providing a display – GF felt that the event should included and audience. The Committee were of the opinion that 2012 is not feasible, but that we should focus on doing one for 2013.  Also the date identified for 2011 would have clashed with other events, so this will need to be looked at.  GF suggested sounding out the Corps available.

Action: P Nightingale 

Society Personality of the Year: GF suggested an article in DC to publicise the award and to set out the requirements.  PN will begin drafting the ground rules.  PN suggested having a shield with all previous winners names on as well as a presentation to the individual recipient.

Action : P Nightingale 

The Richard Holmes Award:    GF will contact Mrs Holmes to make sure she is happy about our doing it.  The Committee felt the award should go to a young person who has contributed, or to an improved person (not necessarily a young person)

Action: G Fairfax

Attracting youth: Need to get schools and cadet groups involved.  GF reminded Committee that JG had already stressed the need for a simpler repertoire – the young people need to be able to join in.  GF informed the Committee that we have has 2 offers of masterclasses from senior army musicians .  PN undertook to follow up all the Corps participating in the Earlscourt event.

Action: P Nightingale 

Leaflet : It was decided to leave this in abeyance for the time being

 President: PN suggested asking the membership for suggestions.  Possible candidates were previous Commandants at Kneller Hall.  JG suggested alternating a high profile incumbent with a low profile one.  PN wondered whether it should be a fixed term presidency.  PH has a contact who may  be suitable and will find out more.   GF suggested that PN seeks the views of PSW.  GF expressed concern that the army make no contribution to the Society

Action: P Nightingale, P Hart

Treasurer’s comments: Although not required to produce a report for this meeting, JG mentioned that PF had requested funds to help meet the cost of attending the LMS with his Corps and had agreed to absorb some of the cost as the ringfenced youth money has now been exhausted,  PN felt that the business of reimbursement should be discussed thoroughly at a full Committee Meeting and Corps need to be aware hat the youth money is no more. JG suggested bringing before the AGM the possibility of putting a sum aside for designated purposes.    GF enquired about the state of the Society finances.  JG explained that  on present levels of income, 1 issue of DC per year was sustainable, while 2 would deplete the funds.  Committee felt that   we need to continue to produce 2 issues per year.

Drummers Call:  PH raised the problem of advertisements in DC: in the issue about to be distributed, more advertising space was requested than was available.  PH was concerned that we do not incorporate too much advertising in an issue and felt that advertising should be restricted to one page per issue.  The Committee was of a mind that we do not become a vehicle for advertisers, when the purpose of DC is to inform and entertain its members.  PH also felt that the charge we make for advertisements is too low.  PN suggested incorporating advertisement material as flyers, to be financed completely by the advertiser.  JG felt that there was probably money owing from past advertisers and will look into who still owes us money.

Action: J Goatcher