AGM Minutes

AGM Minutes 9th May 2009


9 May 2009

Meeting commenced 1200 hrs. Peter Nightingale in the chair.  32 members present.

1.  Apologies; Nigel Lilleywhite, Roy Cox, Jack Cox, John Leigh, Peter Foss, Neil Byrne, Zena Byrne, Angus Bransby, Pam Hales, Keith Hook … Continue reading

AGM Minutes 17th May 2008


17 May 2008

Meeting commenced 1205 hrs. Col. Walton in the chair; 40 members present.

1. Apologies for Absence; R Dunn, M Hall, R Gifford, A Bransby, D Linaker, N Lilleywhite, J Howells, P Hart, P Foss, J Smithers, R Bateman … Continue reading